About Darcy Nick

As a little girl I remember being intrigued by jars of dandelion and red clover sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen.  I watched as she reached down to pluck up plants growing in her backyard and then she would taste them.  I wondered why and was slightly puzzled to watch her eat things most people considered weeds.   Little did I realize then how the power of these simple backyard herbs would unfold before me later in my life.  I would be empowered by them.

In my twenties my life seemed to fall apart as various health issues bombarded me.  Antibiotics, antidepressants, and steroids proved to only bring temporary relief.  After years of searching for answers, I tasted a bit of slippery elm and finally noticed a change.  I realized there was a world of plants around us reaching out to help.  Before they seemed to be small and insignificant, now I was beginning to understand their power to help our bodies heal.

For as long as humans have walked the earth, we have utilized the power locked inside of plants with skill and respect.  We have used them for both food and medicine.  Herbs possess an innate ability to move beyond symptomatic treatment alone.  They nourish tissue and bring harmony to bodies slighted by physical and emotional barriers.  The histories of those who came before us attest to this.

My name is Darcy Nick and I am a certified traditional western herbalist.  I like helping people like you move toward health and vitality.  My philosophy integrates modern science and traditional herbalism into a systematic approach to healing.  Lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, herbal remedies and homeopathy are all things I use to help my clients.  I believe we should understand that we are our body’s caretakers and that it is our right to understand how to do so.  If you would like someone to assist you in reaching your health goals, I would love to guide you.  Please contact me so we can get started.  I can be reached at (610) 256-4063 or emailed at darcy@darcynickherbalist.com.

Best of Health to You,

Darcy Nick, Certified Herbalist

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