Hormone Therapy

Do you or someone you know suffer from the following symptoms of hormone imbalance:

  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • PMS
  • Pre or Postmenopausal symptoms
  • Hair Loss
  • Any hormone deficiency or excess

Do you hesitate to use synthetic or bio-identical hormones?

Hormone Therapies
Both bio-identical and synthetic hormones may raise hormones to toxic levels
resulting in: blood clots, weight gain, ovarian tumors and fibroids, heart disease, excessive facial hair, hair loss, loss of libido, as well as many other symptoms.

Natural Hormones
Even so called “natural” hormones such as wild yam creams may raise hormones to a level of toxicity. Furthermore, using any type of hormone replacement therapy creates a dependency because it causes our bodies to shut down their normal production of hormones and thus ages our bodies more natural hormones such as wild yam are becoming a popular option for people as well. However, these too may raise hormones to toxic levels. quickly. Site reference for this fact.

Synthetic Hormones
An historic study by the Women’s Health Institute 1 (funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes of Health) was halted three years prematurely because of the preliminary findings on the side effects of hormone replacement therapy. The results published in the Journal of American Medical Association stated that women who take synthetic estrogen and progesterone more than five years expose themselves to the risk of :

26% increase in breast cancer
22% increase in cardiovascular disease
41% increase in strokes
100% increase in blood clots

Bio-Identical Hormones
Bio-identical hormones are touted as identical to the hormones made in our body. However, these too are manufactured in a lab by a compounding pharmacy.

What Is the Solution to the Problems that Arise from Unbalance Hormones
An answer lies in the use of homeopathy to stimulate the body to produce the hormones necessary for optimal health as well as the use of herbs and nutrition to provide support to the organs and glands which help orchestrate the production of hormones.

Homeopathy is completely safe, natural and non-toxic. Site article. Homeopathy can be utilized effectively for hormone rejuvenation by stimulating production of natural hormones in the human body. Each remedy contains a blueprint of a healthy gland, hormone or organ. Within seconds of administration, the hypothalamus translates a picture directly to the organ being re-educated of how the specific organ or gland normally functions. The homeopathic substances that are used to treat endocrine and hormonal symptoms may be made from botanical and mineral substances. The homeopathic remedies may be taken as drops under the tongue or as transdermal creams.

The process of producing hormones in the body is an orchestra involving different glands and organs and all of these must be “in tune” or properly working for the process to be effective. Using iridology, Chinese face, tongue and nail analysis, a profile of the client’s health history and kinesiology, and if deemed necessary a thorough saliva test to determine the levels of the client’s hormones, I determine which of these need to be supported with the use of homeopathy, herbs and nutritional support. After all the necessary information is obtained, each individual is placed on their own individual program to support optimal hormone rejuvenation.

Here are three case studies from my clients.

Susan, a 56 year old, woman in menopause states, “A doctor prescribed bio-identical hormones for me and I remained on them for four months. After this time I began having blood sugar issues, a urinalysis showed my protein digestion was nearly non-existent, and I became moody, depressed, and paranoid, among many other symptoms. Because of these symptoms I decided to stop my bio-identical hormones. Within three days of using homeopathic remedies for hormone rejuvenation, all the symptoms began to be resolved. Now after six months of therapy all my symptoms have resolved and my hormone becoming balanced.”

Tammy, 52 year old women with premenopausal symptoms including hot flashes, irregular periods, and memory loss states “I’ve never been so impressed with anything in my life. My periods are regular, my memory is back to normal and my hot flashes are gone.”

If you would like talk to me about how hormone rejuvenation therapy can help you, call me for a 15 minute consultation to see if what you are looking for is a match for what I have to offer.

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