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Office Visits – New Client Information
As a new client you will be scheduled for a one and a half hour appointment.  The cost is $150.00.  You will be sent forms or you can download them from my website.

What to Expect?
The initial visit is a comprehensive assessment exploring current symptoms, past medical history and your desired health goals.  I will use the services listed below to make nutritional recommendations.


Nutritional Counseling, Homeopathy, Herbs, Herbal Remedies, Supplements, PH Balancing, Chinese Remedies, Iridology, Natural Health, Denver, Westminster, Colorado,What to Bring to Your Appointment?
1.  Bring all of your completed forms.
2.  Bring all your medications and supplements (the actual product) and we review them together.
3.  Bring any pertinent medical records or lab reports.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments
I  appreciate a 24 hour notice for all cancellations.  There is a $25.00 fee for any missed appointments.

Follow-Up Appointments
In order to continue to progress forward toward your health goals, follow-up appointments will be necessary.  Follow-up appointments will be 60 minutes.  The cost is $75.00.

Herbal Remedies
Herbs have been recognized as food and for their medicinal properties for thousands of years. However, it can be confusing and expensive to try to determine which herbs you need personally and in what amounts.Consulting an educated herbalist will eliminate confusion, save time and money, as well as provide a personalized program for optimal benefit to you.

Iridology is the science and practice of  revealing inflammation in the body. It can be used to direct one’s nutritional efforts.  Iridology, as a natural early warning system, alerts us to over activity and degeneration. The iris reveals bodily conditions, inherent weaknesses, levels of health, and the transition that takes place in a person’s body caused by lifestyle choices and stress.

Nutritional Counseling
Are you confused about what to eat? There is a great deal of conflicting information about what constitutes a balanced diet and good nutrition these days. Learning the “truth” about food and nutrition is vital to good health. Remember, “You are what you eat”.

Chinese Tongue & Nail Analysis
Since ancient times the Chinese have known the tongue is a mirror that reflects all the inner organs and systems of the body. Observation of the tongue is based on shape, color, coating, markings and moisture.
These indicators found on the tongue give valuable insight as to the condition of the body’s organs and tissues.  The color, clarity, texture and markings of  the fingernails also indicate organ health  and vitality.

Homeopathy is the second most widely used medical system in the world.  Homeopathy is completely safe, natural and non-toxic.  It is based on the concept that like cure like.  Homeopathy uses microscopic doses of various natural substances to trigger an immune or physiological response.

Bio-Communications Technology
Create health and longevity through better understanding what your body needs. Bio-communication technology allows you to access feed-back from your body about many things. Knowing what your body prefers enables you to make smarter decisions about your health and you will know what vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, and homeopathic remedies are most appropriate for your own health issues.
By simply placing your hand on what is called a hand cradle, this bio-communication technology connects your body to a computer. The hand cradle is a very sensitive instrument capable of detecting subtle and rapid changes in the electrical properties of your skin. The computer sends a digital signal to your body. Each signal is unique and is associated with a body part, a body process, a therapeutic option or a product, such as a vitamin or mineral, an herb or homeopathic. Your body “hears” the signal and responds. The response is recorded and analyzed and the results will indicate what is called your biological preference. Using this technology you can quickly learn things about your body that otherwise might be overlooked. The answers are recorded by the computer and then displayed in a meaningful way in a final report. This information is then used to help focus on the most pertinent issues to help you on your path to wellness.

Biofeedback Test

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